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Diamandis Lab II
The Diamandis Lab II focuses on strategic application of contemporary molecular profiling tools and technologies to improve our understanding of neurobiology, neuroanatomy and disease classification. Our most recent large scale efforts have focused on mass spectrometry-based proteomic analysis of human neural tissue to expand our understanding of cancer and neurodevelopment. We use these generated datasets as a springboard for more focused mechanistic studies and novel biomarker discovery of various neurological disorders.

PROMPT is a efficient workflow developed to carry out mass spectrometry-based high-throughput proteomic analysis of both normal and diseased neurological tissue. PROMPT has been optimized to profile normal brain development and as a classification tool for neuro-oncology. It is now being utilize to study the biology of a wide variety of neurological disorders including primary and metastatic brain tumor types. Development of proteomic signatures of diseases is a key milestone for precision medicine. PROMPT aims to deliver this information in a clinically relevant timeframe.   

brAIn is the lab's machine and deep learning initiative. It aims to leverage large datasets and artificial intelligence (including deep convolutional neural networks) to develop complex multi-parametric morphological and molecular classification algorithms for neuropathology. These tools aim to ultimately help refine our current pathological criteria of a wide array of neurological disorders.      

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proteinCEPHALON is a new and large scale effort to develop a comprehensive protein-based atlas of the human brain. Systematic annotation of the cellular and molecular anatomy of the human brain through development and adulthood will form a valuable tool for the whole neuroscience community.   

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